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About the Artist

As we all can attest, humanity is rapidly and collectively accelerating through uncharted space at this time. A time that prompts new questions and introspection about self, humanity and the power of the world and earth around us. I, like many, have been drawn to open hearts and minds as we navigate this space and elevate in consciousness.

Artwork is one part of this unfolding. Both my creative process and art are deeply rooted in meditation and connecting beyond the veil of our concrete world. All images are moments and messages hidden in plain sight, they are never staged or edited. This artwork is captured to serve as a tool and safe space to help quiet the mind and gently guide through undulating shifts, questions and quandaries. 

I am currently expanding upon my projects using sound, sculpture and energy work. Additionally I always utilize my proficiency in marketing and events to design experiential mindfulness programming and community outreach for each body of work. These can be customized for any organization or easily integrated into existing yoga/meditation programs.

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