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Human == Nature

Examining humanity’s relationship with nature and the earth at the start of the 21st century. 
Nature reminds us in its every expression that balance is paramount within the duality of this earth. Yet humanity has manipulated, blurred and bent the lines fracturing this balance. The abstraction of synthetic and organic throughout these pieces highlights the confusing entanglement of this imbalance. This project is a reminder not only of the anemic state we have created, but also of the opportunity we are being given to re-right it.  
Devoid of color, these images express the depletion we as humans have inflicted upon our home. Yet the prominence of white is also symbolic of the light that is necessary to peer deeper into the shadows of our unconscious abuse and misdoings.  
Will we be able to lift the veil and see the canvas that is being presented to us at this time? Is this an opportunity from the universe to recalibrate our relationship with the earth; a relationship that isn’t for better or for worse, but is simply for life?


The Space Between

Humanity and the earth are collectively and rapidly accelerating through uncharted space at this time. A time that prompts new questions and introspection about self, humanity and the world around us. 


As we navigate this space, this project captures moments quietly hidden within our world, they are never staged or edited.  They explore the power and stillness of the space between within this undulating journey. 


It is the space where ultimate potential ignites and paradigms shift. It is often known as the zero point and revered as sacred; for it is the core of creation, the vesica piscis, the seed from which all life is generated. 


Furthermore, these images reveal the subtle and magical exchanges between the polarities of daily and momentary contrasts. They provide an aperture to discover the wonders of the dark and the light and a window into the silence of their creation. 


They are a reminder that when we find pause within the noise and chaos we are given the opportunity to enter infinite clarity and transformation of the space between.


How often do we pause and pay attention to the messages the world is mirroring back to us?

11:11 is a series that illuminates the introspective significance of the moment; the notion that every experience, relationship, decision, and habit is a mirror. Opportunities and truths, unique to every individual, lie within these moments. 


Unedited and never staged, these images further illustrate that even within the chaos and shadows of the everyday, subtle, whispering messages are present and can reveal deeper insights, guidance, and answers. 

They are a quiet reminder that when we engage and listen beyond the constructs of the thinking mind we have the ability to transform both ourselves and the world around us.

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